Saturday, August 2, 2014

The "What If?" Doll Gets a New Hairdo - Part 3

Wow! I thought the glue would never dry inside Abbey Bominable's head! I may research other glues which are safe to use with vinyl. Anyhoo, I re-rolled her hair because the straw curlers and bobby pins were slipping out. I used chenille straws.

Next, I heated water to a simmer and dipped her head into the water to the count of ten. I repeated this process twice. I stood her up in a large jar and waited for her hair to dry. The following day, I carefully unrolled her hair and finger styled her new curls. As you can see, I also worked on her face-up.

Cool beans! I love her new 'do! I love how the extra hair I rooted added so much fullness to her curls. Here's another picture with her almost completed face up. I still need to gloss her lips and eyes for a pretty shine.

So, what do you think of Abbey so far? After I finish her lips and eyes, I'll let her dry. Next, I'll create an outfit for her and some jewelry, too.

Do you like the addition of extra locks? What do you think of her new face up? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Be back soon!

Dolly hugs,

Trenda Marie